HWC x CES 2018 Part 4: Hardware

They offer unique and integrated systems that enable you to customise your space, interact with your devices and grant you unprecedented control — whether over your food, water or time. Opensource solutions and a variety of integrations allow you to avoid the fragmentation that occurred under previous generations of smart home devices. Beautiful full-stack design and voice enabled support offer a frictionless user experience. Get a highly personalised profile of everything in your home — from the water you drink to the food you grow. Come to our booth and meet four startups that are embedding hardware firmly within our homes: GROW > GROW Duo “There’s no reason I need to do conflations in my head when we can sense when I should plant my tomatoes. It made me think we could develop a vertically integrated solution, a smart planter that has some sensors and auto irrigation.” — Idan Cohen cofounder and CEO of GROW. GROW is the first intelligent planter that senses your plants’ conditions and gives them just the right amount of water, automatically. Each GROW Duo boasts multiple sensors that monitor both weather and soil conditions constantly. Having raised $2.4 million in VC funding so far, GROW is able to ship everything you need straight to your door whether it’s seeds, seedlings, soil, or nutrients. Their integrated app offers you personalized advice, gathered from your garden’s unique profile. Their PlantAI analysis of your growing conditions helps reveal which produce is ideal for your environment.

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