The Evolution of a Software Engineer

How I got into coding I’m Lydia, a 19 year old girl living in Stockholm, and I am a JavaScript (React) developer! I’m very active on social media, and try to motivate more people to join the tech world by showing what my life is like in this community. I started coding when I was 15 years old. I had a booming health & lifestyle blog on Tumblr and gained tens of thousands of followers in no-time. This is when I started creating my own responsive layouts with the regular HTML, CSS and jQuery, as I didn’t like the themes that I could buy, so I decided to just try it myself! From there on, I kept on improving my skills, gained more knowledge, and my interest in developing grew. However, I had no idea that this was already considered coding and that I could do this for a living, I simply enjoyed creating my own designs from scratch and seeing that people loved the layouts that I built and were willing to pay me for it! I went to high school until I was 18, and absolutely hated it. I felt like I was wasting so much time on subjects that could in no way improve my future (looking at you, ancient Greek and Latin!). Nonetheless, I worked extremely hard for my diploma, worked on many personal side-projects, and have always been busy tutoring and supporting people! People have described me as the most hardworking, yet most relaxed person they’ve ever met, and I think that describes my mindset perfectly. But we’ll get back to that later! After I finished high school, I decided to not go to university. This was a very scary step for me, as I was kind of brainwashed into thinking that that’s the only way to have a successful future: everyone around me went to the best universities! I spent so much time trying to get the best grades in high school to eventually go to a good university, did I really just waste so many years of my life for nothing? Yup, pretty much, but I don’t at all regret it! Most of the people around me didn’t understand and thought I was making a big mistake, but the small amount of people that understood and supported me really motivated me. I’ve always been very independent: I moved to another country by myself when I was 18, travelled a lot on my own during my teens, and have always been busy doing anything to improve my future. I’ve never felt pressured into doing stuff because society wanted me to, I’ve always done my own thing. After I decided to not go to university, but give my 110% to programming instead, I went to a coding bootcamp for 3 months in Tampa Bay, Florida. I didn’t have to do this, but it definitely helped me to get some structure and be surrounded by other people who enjoyed programming as well, as I didn’t have that before. I coded intensively, was constantly out of my comfort-zone (which I love), put a lot of effort into my personal projects to improve my coding skills, and learned so many new technologies.

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